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Legacy Family Services is a multi-state mental health practice  assisting individuals with mental health and substance abuse challenges achieve their hopes, dreams and the opportunity to maximize independent living by providing valuable behavioral health treatments in a respectful, responsive and efficient manner.

Legacy Family Services, LLC strives to promote a humane and healthy society in which all people are afforded respect, dignity and opportunity to achieve their full potential through meaningful social inclusion free from discrimination.

It is the policy of Legacy Family Services, LLC that each client will be screened prior to being admitted to services. The screening will include the review of all pertinent information from referral source, other available information and face to face contact to maximize the opportunity for the client to gain access to the agency’s services. The screening shall be completed by a Behavior Health Professional or a Behavior Health Professional under clinical supervision. The screening will determine need for assessment.


To assist individuals and families with making change happen throughout the lifespan. We aim to R.I.S.E.

Reach individuals & families to provide quality clinical social work service.
Inspire effective change of maladaptive behaviors.
Support the elderly, disabled individuals, military personnel, veterans, and families, in psychosocial distress.
Empower parents and children to reach and maximize their fullest potential thereby becoming the best version of themselves.


Legacy Family Services provides quality home and community based care to individuals & families facing complex issues throughout life span.


  • To provide empathetic biopsychosocial services to internal and external customers.
  • To be guided by clinically astute professional practice.
  • To enhance ones psychosocial health by utilizing various therapeutic methodologies.

What We Offer


The primary purpose of therapy/counseling is to help treat personal challenges and learn how to best lives with or overcome issues and disorders that may affect a person’s daily life.  LFS provides counseling services for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients.

Parent Coordination

Parenting coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process in which a mental health or legal professional with mediation training and experience assists high conflict parents to implement their parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of their disputes in a timely manner, education parents about children’s needs, and with prior approval of the parties and/or the court, making decisions within the scope of the court order or appointment contract.    

Geriatric Behavioral Health

As we age, sometimes a little help is needed to keep us healthy- both physically and mentally.  We understand what you are going through and understand the importance of having access to a healthcare team that specializes in addressing the individual needs of our aging society.  When you or a loved one is faced with a mental crisis later in life, Legacy Family Services is here to help.

Our providers offer support and intervention in a comforting atmosphere that can help you and your family cope and recover.  In addition to improving a senior’s outlook on life, we can provide tools to help him or her manage everyday life and take better care of themselves. 

Mental Health, Substance Abuse Assessment and Counseling

An evaluation that is used to determine the existence of a delay, disorder, or disability.  It assists with identifying the patients symptoms, triggers, strengths and needs which is necessary for diagnosis and treatment planning.

EAP Services

LFS employee assistance programs (EAP) help your employees resolve personal and work-related challenges, so they can perform their best and your organization can succeed.  Our unique approach saves time and money.

LFS EAP offers:               

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Benefits beyond counseling, including work-life services
  • Childcare and eldercare referrals
  • Legal and financial referrals

Parenting Skills Classes

Parenting is a difficult job and a juggling act no matter what.  It requires balancing your own needs with those of your child.  It involves managing your time, having adequate resources and supporting your child.

Our Expert Team



Clinical Director Owner

Mrs. Shaw obtained her degree in social work in 2005. She has over a 15 years of mental health, counseling, and consulting experience. This body of work enables her to reach her clients with empathy, humor, warmth, transparency, and strength.

Mrs. Shaw is an award winning federal government employee, entrepreneur, mentor, author, and advocate. Her life’s purpose is to help others maximize their fullest potential. She has an array of experiences with working with adults and children with mental health diagnosis. She has worked with various populations from Employment Assistant Programs (EAP) to enhanced behavioral service recipients. Mrs. Shaw plans and directs all functions of the mental health and clinical social work practice agency, while enforcing strong leadership to ensure effective & efficient utilization of all resources.

Mrs. Shaw tenaciously helps each client by collaborating closely with treatment teams to appropriately coordinate client care services and also interacts with clinical staff and external resources such as schools, doctors offices, military and veteran populations,  and department of social services personnel. She establishes and integrates the functional strategies of the company utilizing business expertise to reach program financial and operational goals. Mrs. Shaw is an experienced producer of training conferences for internal and external customers.

Elizabeth Soloff

Elizabeth Soloff

Administrative Officer

Elizabeth Soloff, Administrative Officer is a New York native with a background in Social Sciences. She has six years of business management experience where in she strategized to maximize profitability and revenue, provide excellent customer service and participated in the onboarding, training and mentoring of all staff.  In her current role she uses her knowledge, skills and abilities to assist clients and community stakeholders with meeting their needs.  All customers internal/external will be received with warmth and treated professionally.

Bionca Bright

Bionca Bright

Bionca Bright graduated from Fayetteville State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Ms. Bright is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate. Ms. Bright believes in working in collaboration with clients, utilizing their strengths to assist the client in sorting out their challenges and achieving their goals

Chinyere Harris

Chinyere Harris

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate with several years of experience within Social Work. My experience in therapy includes working with individuals affected by various challenging life situations. I work to empower my clients in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, parenting support, grief, and life transitions. I utilize a holistic, integrated approach along with Solution-Focused, CBT, Mindfulness, and Person-Centered therapies. I am passionate about helping and look forward to collaborating with individuals who want to discover their capacity for healing and growth. 

Erika Oldham

Erika Oldham

Erika Oldham is an astute clinician with a wealth of experience.  Erika’s experience includes working with various mental health populations, completing intake assessments, diagnosing, treatment plans and knowledge of various insurances. I was born in Ft. Hoode, TX and raised in Montgomery AL. I decided to remain in NC after serving 5 yrs in the Marine Corps. I received my Masters in Social Work from University of Southern California. I specialized in military social work. I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient patient facilities. Experienced with working with active duty military, veterans, and families. Located in Jacksonville NC area.

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